Clocker 铸时匠

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Clocker is a puzzle game about time. It stages a story between a father and daughter using a dual protagonists technique. By controlling two individual characters in turn, you will gradually solve puzzles, push forward the timeline and the adventure. The game features unique time mechanisms, an artistic hand-drawn sketchy style, thought-provoking puzzles and a heart-warming plot. A vexing and thrilling adventure awaits you!

- Dual protagonists narrative
Control Father and Daughter separately to experience the complete plot from different perspectives.

- Time pause!
Father's mysterious pocket watch is able to move throughout other characters' timelines in order acheive his ultimate motive, as a result changing the entire world.

- Where's the Father?
Daughter's power can resume the twisted timelines, trace the clues and help her to find her Father.

- Large and complex logic framework!
Each NPC has their logical structure. Every single change of the timeline will influence the entire plot.

- Unique and delicate artistic style
The combination of 2D and 3D techniques illustrates a lifelike virtual world filled with characters that pop off of the screen and interact in detailed settings and backgrounds. Color plays a major role as different tones and shades represent time in various ways for an additional aesthetic experience.

Through time and space, love survives.

What's new

1. 接入了Tap的防沉迷系统。
2. 修复了成就页面字体无法显示的问题。
3. 修复了读取场景时文字不正确的问题。

1. 部分内容进行了修改。去掉了游戏中所有英文的内容。
2. 游戏中的凶手改为了私吞公款的贪污犯。
3. 去掉了游戏中小偷逃走的分支。

Detailed info

  • Update Time: Jul Thu, 2020
  • Developer: Wild Kid
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Android:9.9 iOS:10

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