The Seven Deadly Sins:Grand Cross
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The Seven Deadly Sins:Grand CrossJP

七つの大罪 光と闇の交戦 : グラクロ

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Latest Version :7.7 Android:8.5
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  • Valentine

    This game puts a lot of effort into making sure there is enough happening that even the flaws are barely noticeable. The cutscenes are videos, but blend well enough to not break the flow of dialog. The game has auto battle, but it is not available in every level. There are also a lot of secondary mechanics and side quests, such as cooking and interacting with NPCs.

    Perhaps the most appealing feature is the way that AR support was added. Unlike recent games that only allow viewing your character collection using AR, this adds playing battles. As a battle begins, you can set up the field and watch your fight unfold as if it was taking place right in front of you.

    It is one thing to base a game on a great show or movie, but this game proves it is not riding on the brand name. This is a great game that just happened to be based on a great show.

  • Escanor

    i really liked the game but there'a only one problem i really wish that you add an english language and that's will make everybody happy......thanks❤

    • Escanor

      plz translate it to english

    • Kimmuel Reyes

      just use google translate app or screen translate app for now. it'll help you

  • 手机用户1074746

    when can dev release english version ?

  • User991408

    Incredible game but, what's going on? I can't update it.

  • Tito Setiyanto
    132.87 hrs on record

    best anime game ever!

  • Yuri Oliveira

    updated the game and I can no longer play, is saying that is not compatible with my phone

    • haroun mad

      انا ايضا 😢😢😭😭 يعني ضاعت مجهوداتي

    • Brownie Brown

      same problem this is so annoying

  • User1035147

    the game is good

  • El.Nu

    Turn-based RPG game that is really cool and epic, waiting for the global version

  • Fantasia

    Hey Man, Great and Exciting game Man, But I really, reaaly hope that you can add a language settings man, for others that cant understand Japanese. But Im gald in this game Man, Well done. Here's a 5 star for you

    (Here's the translation in case, according to google)



  • D3NZ3R
    10.32 hrs on record

    very good it is a fantastic open world plus his camera is pulled lower

  • haroun mad
    148.28 hrs on record

    ارجوكم ماذا افعل التحديث اتي في تطبيق اخر والاول لا يعمل وانا تعبت علي الاول ورفعت ميستواي 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jack scottgamin

    sao hình ảnh của game lại có Rimuru mà trong khi đó Rimuru không liên quan gì đến anime này

    • Lan Anh Phùng

      thì đây là event có giới hạn nên rimuru sẽ có trong game nhưng chỉ còn 18 ngày thôi

    • Deadtoni

      đây gọi là cross anime/game vào một con game ấy mà =="" ko biết à ?

  • Goku Br
    16.88 hrs on record

    Gente eu vi pessoas falarem "Ussa o QuooApp pra atualizar" mas como eu isso o QuooApp???

  • Zeils!
    0.48 hrs on record

    Netmarble does it again! What do I say, download takes a lot of time, but the whole gameplay and experience you get from the game is great, loads of action, not gonna lie the game depends on gacha, actually a lot of it. Gacha is a big part of the game, but I'm very used to that.

    Very fun, lots of fun things to do, understandable, even if it doesn't rely on the anime, it's still very entertaining.

    LGLS - 7.8/10

    (LGLS=More varied scores depending on gameplay)

  • 이창명

    제발 댓글 부탁드립니다. 한글버전에서 했던것을 여기로 데이터 인계가 가능한가요?

  • Crow

    I cant login because a problem in the email verification. Help me please :-(

  • Royalflare

    Nice social mobile game with a great IP of "The Seven Deadly Sins", I took a look on its beta testing before. So gameplay is not the first time for me. But the way you battle is kind of unique, no cost system so I won't say likes HOS, or million authur, combined command cards with two same cards into an upgraded one is also interesting. Of course, ex skill is indispensable.

    More aspects about this game, it has original CV of each characters from the animation, you must know them well if you are fan of "The Seven Deadly Sins", music handled by one of the most famous composers in Japan, Keiichi Okabe from MONACA. This team is so luxurious. Not only gameplay with battle, story mode progresses with massive animation which impress me, it's obviously that this developer has put a lot into it.

    First 10x draw at least one SSR character is nice, but as a social mobile game, it still might be a pay for fun.

  • Renan Amorim

    jogo bom mas depois dessa atualização, mão atualiza no meu a3 e nem instala no meu j6

  • Argos

    o jogo e ótimo mas de a opção de não baixar as cenas e tragam o mais rápido possível para o Brasil

  • Touchy Mytes

    N sei se é só comigo mas nessa última atualização do dia 30 o jogo continua a não instalar




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