Meteor, Butterfly And a Sword
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Meteor, Butterfly And a SwordCN


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Developer notes:

The expansion pack · "匕走偏锋" live now!

流星蝴蝶剑官方陆群:   636278112


Into the night.
The moonlight likes blood, condenses in the sheath.
No one can smell it, no one can distinguish it.
The killer, waiting for an opportunity.

The heart beat is chaotic,
What can you do with the martial arts?
Blade out,
Your life will be taken.

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Followers - the classic assistance system, summon the followers to help you!
League Blood Pact - dispatch followers to commission, receive rich follower's materials!
The ninth chapter of the world - draw sword against the old friend, and the "humanoid weapon" 白猿 appears
【谪仙】,【干将莫邪】and other new treasure weapons added in game, waiting for you to get!
More brand new fashion【霸陵折柳】,【柳醉春烟】added on store, it is a good time to dress up!

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  • File Size : 1.96GB
  • Current Version : 1.0.386543
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  • Developer: 网易游戏
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Latest Version :9.8 Android:8.6
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    自开服以来,不少少侠都表示希望流星能添加求生玩法这份热情也感染了我们。不瞒大家,从开服以来,我们就在努力研究如何满足大家想玩求生玩法的需求,奈何困难重重。动作游戏需要计算的判定数据太多,现在的网络条件下,也难有良好的大逃杀体验。 为了给大家呈现最好的求生竞技玩法,全组上下愁秃了头。 好在经过数月的技术探索,功夫不负有心人 全新求生玩法——刺客之王终于上线啦!长夜漫漫,谁会是这场大逃杀中的幸存者?




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