KartRider: Crazy Racing

KartRider: Crazy Racing


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This game is joint developed by Tencent and Tiancity

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KartRider: Crazy Racing has launched!

██ KartRider: Crazy Racing: Full Game Information Guide: https://www.tap.io/topic/6188
██ How to register QQ & Wechat: https://www.tap.io/topic/1612

KartRider: Crazy Racing Discord Channel:   https://discord.gg/47CV3tS

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Inheriting the classic "Crazyracing Kartrider" for thirteen years, the return of the fingertip drift engine roar, revisiting the journey of racing drift and the new ultimate experience shocked!
"KartRider: Crazy Racing" is officially developed by Tiancity and Tencent Games. The mobile game inherits the essence of the "Crazyracing Kartrider" game, and it is highly adapted to the mobile device's operation scheme to return back the original silky drift feel, allowing you to enjoy the smooth drift of your fingertips. The 8 racing competitors were restored on the "Item Match" and "Racing Match", and more innovative gameplay modes with infinitely fun. More classic and cute images, black and white baby, enduring theme track, a unique personality of the cabin, full of social systems, etc., is committed to creating a national drift paradise for all players - forever prosperous hills.

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Latest Version :4.0 Android:5.7 Past 7 days : 5.5
  • ZeilsOnSurface

    All In All, very blatant. I was expecting better honestly. The cars from gameplay are very realistic, I wanted something more close to Mario Kart. Nothing much else to say, because I personally never personally got to play it, because I do not live in China. Seems interesting and fun, recommend to Chinese people if you have the time.

  • Royalflare
    13.63 hrs on record

    The KartRider: Crazy Racing really brought me a lot of fun, many maps, BGM, I still feel impressed until now. Some maps I even remembered from the past. It has been a long time to play this game, and I can’t forget it if I want to forget it.

    But now paying buck is much more than before. I think it is touched when I think about it. We are growing up. This game is also growing up. We have accompanied the game in childhood and for this game 4 stars to the memory, to the childhood.

  • Miyaki

    super decent racing gane! controls are not as bad as I expected them to be, just takes time 'git gud'. lots of things you can do in this game so there's a low chance you'll be bored. Graphics are high quality and I have low ping each time I play, no lag! love the bomberman and mariokart style they were going for, I don't really care for gacha unless its for new unlock. Story mode is fun and each character is pretty cute.

    recommended if you're into cartoony racers like crash racing or Mariokart!

  • Nikoverd
    0.10 hrs on record

    I am not gonna give someone my last name just to play game.

  • Cahyo GaPra
    0.25 hrs on record

    iI can't use my QQ account





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