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Final test in June

Developer notes:

--- The final test (game data will be deleted after test) is coming! Set on June 26! better be faster! ---

The final test will give priority to the selection of 8,000 warriors as the advance team of the origin of the mainland, and enter the game on June 26. After test started, the advance team will complete the in-game development task and will produce a total of 100,000 activation codes!


Official community positions:
☆ Official website:
☆ WeChat public number: search "我的起源", one-click follow (WeChat number: txwdqy)
☆ Weibo: @我的起源官方手游

Editor notes

ReEvolve iOS will be on App Store on August 21
Android release date will be announced later

  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Required


This is a sandbox MMO mobile game that supports the creation of the world and revitalizes the world civilization.
Developed by Perfect World and represented by Tencent Games, it won the 2018 E3【Most Attractive MMO Mobile Games】award.
“What is supporting us to survive and evolve is to become a better human being? Is it a hope for a more beautiful future? Or is him/her around you?”
When you come to this broken continent of origin - please try to survive and explore the strange environment, study all things to unlock technology, cherish every surprise, explore the remains of higher civilizations, and uncover the puzzles of this world.
—— Survival, for the rebirth of civilization!

Detailed info

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  • Developer: 腾讯
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  • User741258
    Expected value

    Hello, I'm really impressed by watching the trailer, I want to be first to experience this game I'm android user but you release iOS first real let down for all android users out there if I could get code to play download from here would be awesome, I mean if can use Tap app and gmail account to download and play later use Google play store to transfer my game play leveling and progress would really be great cause it's fun game and want to be among the first to try this game. Please release August 21 both iOS and Android. Also we not from china make it we can participate in the test and also play at the same time you Launch this game

  • Red Gans
    Expected value

    it releases on my birthday guess I'll check it out

  • Giang Nguyễn
    Expected value

    bọn tàu lồn này làm game đẹp phết nhỉ.

  • User750910
    Expected value

    I hope I'm one that gets the registration code cuz I really want to play this game I've registered already I'm a really big fan of RPGs and MMOs

    • Halo Hsu

      I don't get the code in my gmail

  • แมทธิว คลาร์ก
    Expected value

    Very good Game





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