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Perfect World Mobile was officially released on March 7.

完美世界手游官方玩家群:   832822761

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Perfect World Mobile, 14 years of end-game IP sentiment interpretation, jointly created by the perfect world and Tencent games, the next generation of film-level picture quality, perfect restore end-view classic seamless big world, vast starry sky, vast mainland, endless deep sea Freely explore and build a "perfect world" in the hearts of millions of players.

[14 years of IP recasting MMO next generation masterpiece coming]
Fourteen years of IP genuine "Perfect World" mobile game, feelings continue to perfect the end of the tour, the original classic career, unforgettable side-by-side friendship, the demon, the human, the feathers come to the perfect continent.

[Every time is a landscape]
The picture incorporates the real light and shadow change effects, and feels the four seasons turn to the yin and sunny snow. The oversized map restores the original appearance of Zulong and Jade City, and the main city of the sky is beautiful.

[Every flight is unknown]
With a perfect continent of 60,000km2, the three-dimensional map of the whole scene is seamlessly connected, inheriting the unique aircraft settings of the end-game, and driving the aircraft to swim the perfect continent.

[More than just flying volley battles]
Multi-professional perfect cooperation, warfare and animal hu***andry positioning is clear, the Bohai Sea, the mainland, the starry sky can fight, the large-scale group fingertips fierce battle is on the verge, the gang city war team is full of fun!

Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.63GB
  • Current Version : 1.300.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 腾讯
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Latest Version :8.1 Android:7.9
  • VulgarisUSA

    Global release, English version, in 2 days! just now confirmed to me via email for my pre registration gift.

    • Divine Otaku

      lol what a joke

    • VulgarisUSA

      looks like 04 September is the true target date. which creates a very big problem. when the EU server went live, I created a blademaster who just hit 60 today;( I seriously doubt they'll allow me to migrate it to the NA server ;(

  • Golden Knight

    how much GB's you must have (space) for the game? it already took 5.3 GB'S and it says "failed to extract game files", does it require more space?

  • User1009226

    How can i make it english guys. Its written in korean and i dont understand korean 😑

  • Chaoticblood1
    1.07 hrs on record

    This game was the only one that i truly loved when i was 14 at the time and I'm so glad that this is coming to mobile. Definitely can't wait for the English version to come out.

    Now, I've noticed that there are some classes and races missing but I'm sure that the developers will add them eventually after the full release. Kinda hope there isn't a gender lock on some classes but we will see as well.

  • Andi Learn To L

    great game




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