Captain Tsubasa ZERO-Showdown! Miracle Shoot~

Captain Tsubasa ZERO-Showdown! Miracle Shoot~


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The popular TV anime "Captain Tsubasa" is now available on smartphone games!
Play a new "Captain Tsubasa" football game that recreates the anime!

▼ game nature
In a realistic simulation football game, you will be able to unleash the special move that reproduces the animation!

▼ Decide! Miracle shoot
De-flashy special move is activated with "Miracle Shoot Button"! Connect the dombo and pass skill Combo and decide! Miracle shoot

▼ Various special moves
The special move of characters full of exhilaration and individuality that reproduces the anime scene is activated during the game! Play the game using techniques!

▼ Deep development factor
All players evolve to the highest rarity! Let's foster your favorite character to the highest rarity!

▼ Custom element
Create your own dream team by developing your favorite players with uniform editing and free team formation!

▼ Anime voice actors and characters are also on display!
From Tsubasa, Wakabayashi and even Hinata Kojiro, character voices of the same voice actor as anime are reproduced in the game!

▼ The game original player also appeared!
Game original players who do not appear in anime also appear! The various side stories that were not told in the main story are clear.

▼ Fully reproduce the world of animation!
Fully reproduce the world of anime! Don't miss anyone who saw the anime or missed it!

Let's experience the new "Captain Tsubasa" interactively with TV anime and smartphone games!

□ ■ “Captain Tsubasa Zero” is recommended for this person ■ □

・ No matter if not familiar with soccer, this game can be played easily with Captain Wing characters and the world view
・ Gather the players who played an active part in animation, and to make our own strongest soccer team
・ Enjoy the side story which can not be told by animation with "Capzero"
・ Bring up the original player and play against national rivals
・ Make the strongest character of oneself by combining various skills such as shoot and pass
・ Reproduce players who appear in Nanjo Young Soccer Club, Shutetsu Young Soccer Club, Hanawa Soccer Shonen Club, Furano Elementary School Soccer Club, and Musashi FC in Captain Zero.

・ Play a free popular football game app
・ Looking for a soccer simulation game where player development and formation can be decided
・ Play a soccer game where I can play with players from across the country with players
・ Create my own team of my own, decide formation and placement of players and enjoy
・ Looking for a game where the main scenario is interesting in the soccer game
・ Play against player teams across the country with the Captain Tsubasa players
・ Decide a hat trick in the game and win the game with the teams

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・ We are looking for super-popular games that can be enjoyed by young and old men and women, students, adults

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