Truck Simulator : Europe 2
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Truck Simulator : Europe 2

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Become a real trucker with Truck Simulator : Europe 2!

Feel like driving real trucks with Truck Simulator : Europe 2.
Travel across many cities from Europe, visit places like Berlin, Venice, Madrid, Milan,Prague and more!
Make money, purchase new trucks and trailers, Select your job and deliver your cargo in an open world!

Become the King of The Road!

Have a good drive!

- Realistic truck physics
- 6 different trucks to drive
- 12 different trailers
- Realistic engine sounds
- Interiors for each truck
- Improved AI traffic system
- Drive across country roads and highways
- Realistic weather conditions
- Day & night cycle
- Damage and fuel consume
- Easy controls (tilt, buttons or touch steering wheel)
- Achievements and Leaderboards
- Excellent HD graphics and performance

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Added truck customizationTo do: Add more trucks and extend customization

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  • File Size : 47.89MB
  • Current Version : 0.22
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: WandA
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  • Samvel V

    Not good graphic.I play on high quality but it is not beautiful

  • TheArness
    1.27 hrs on record

    it's not euro truck just 10 Cites or less simulatior

  • JOE
    0.25 hrs on record

    The truck simulation game, the most important thing is the authenticity and the roadside scenery, let you stay in this trip. The game's authenticity is not bad, the car's collision, turning, reverse gear, etc. have the same model, the only fly in the ointment is that the traffic rules are not strict, less sense of substitution.

    The scenery on the street is relatively European, which can make people feel more relaxed.

  • 想要嫁给大魔王
    4.03 hrs on record

    第一次开车 还是云开车2333 之前有知乎过“为什么欧卡那么火”看了许多答案都觉得挺微妙的,还是自己去试一试,结果根本停不下来啊~

    在公路上行驶,迎着阳光 迎着风雨,让人心情舒缓放松。通常都会接最长距离的订单,静静的开车享受,也享受疯狂追尾 极速转弯哈哈哈哈哈

    不足的是 1 雨刷没有卵用 虽然也不影响驾驶 2 行驶过程中发生事故惩罚不够 被我碾压的汽车过一会就消失了,我的车本身也没受到多大破坏 受损后也不影响驾驶,熟悉了以后我基本两趟多修一次 3 天气老喜欢下雨啊 好迷啊啊啊 迎着☀开车才是最妙的啊

  • Nothing:)

    Let me try


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