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As Watchers, how will you change this world...
With over 10 million download s worldwide, Rayark has spent 4 years of hard work combining excellent storytelling, challenging visual and audio effects into an RPG.

A Deep and Thought-Provoking Script
Displayed with fully animated and dynamic cutscenes, all handcrafted by 2D animators. Over 60 unique characters let you experience a stunning and enrapturing world.

Engaging Battle Experience
With three types of characters making a team of support, DPS, and tank. Each character is completely unique and complements each other. With over a hundred team combinations, find the team that best suits you!

Diverse Game Modes
Gameplay requires evolution! With Venture Mode, Exploration Mode, Adventure Mode, Multiplayer and more, multiple modes of gameplay gives gamers a more exciting gaming experience.

World-Renowned Voice Actors
The most well known Japanese voice actors breath brilliant life into these characters and immerse you in the world. Experience all the intermingling of fate on continent Vendacti!

Part of the voice cast:
Angelia (CV: Sora Amamiya)
Pang (CV: Tetsu Inada)
Tica (CV: Aoi Yuki)
Jahan (CV: Takehito Koyasu)
Yamitsuki (CV: Ui Miyazaki)
Puggi (CV: Rie Kugimiya)
Kittyeyes (CV: Ayane Sakura)
Sione (CV: Ayako Kawasumi)
Morris (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa)
Nigel (CV: Wataru Urata)
Lisa (CV: Kikuko Inoue)

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[Fixed] Summoned enemies will cause the level to not end normally.

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  • Experts Gaming

    No one Boys, or men Characters??? Please answer


  • majouj rayen

    I have an issue , it always tells me check your connection stability !!

    • akbarbinta

      Just keep tapping ok, you will get into the game. It had been happen to me too.

  • User719953


  • Royalflare

    I have been played Sdorica -sunset- before, at that time it was in 1.0 version. The game method is marching blocks to attack or use skills. I give 4 stars the most important reason that I love the way it shows its style, like mysterious unique illustration, stories and side stories has performed like dramas, this looks so great, use an old style but not outdated to present Sdorica with such fresh experience.

    Increase your characters, characters will look more powerful (appearance) once increase their rarity (not just levels). This may force you with a lot work on looping, but helps to challenge the high-level stages.

    Now it updated to Sdorica -mirage- 2.0, with massive contents like new maps, stories, characters and enemies. And as a famous developer, Rayark's product quality is always trustworthy, not just gameplay itself, the music is also brilliant. (Don't forget the most successful music game Cytus 😆)

    A great RPG game that is recommended to play.

    • Rida Popa

      hello please help for this game disorder

  • 阿鬼
    50.80 hrs on record




  • General


    以下內容轉載自官方網站: --------------------------------- 各位優秀的諦視者們,在這裡為各位提供近期世界各地即將或已經發生的重大事件,以下是最新的【世界變動記錄】: 更新時間: 2019.04.17 12:00 (GMT+8) ⦿

  • General

    No puedo instalar nada

    Ayuda :C no se porque no puedo instalar nada desde la aplicación, no solo este juego, todo lo que trato de descargar me da el mismo error, ayuda :'C





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