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New version "0.13.5" Update

Developer notes:

0.13.5 Update is coming bring with the Season 8!
For detail:

Editor notes

The game is KR version. Overseas users, please download the global version.
Global version link :

PUBG MOBILE Discord Channel:


▶ Team Death Match ◀
An intense 4 vs 4 team death match!
The team that reaches a certain number of kills earlier than the other team wins!

▶ Improved Vikendi map & Zombie mode ◀
Footprint and tire tread have been added to the Vikendi map.
We added a new zombie boss and a special ability for zombies and improved the liquid nitrogen grenade effect.

▶ MVP showcase system◀
MVP of the match will be displayed on the result.
Become the MVP of the match!

▶ Popularity System◀
Increase your popularity level to become the most popular player in PUBG Mobile!
Players with high popularity level will receive presents and even a title.

▶ Official inquiry URL ◀
▶ Personal Information Policy ◀
【Mandatory item】 
【Optional item】 
1)  Allowing access to photos 
- Unable to share, upload or save in-game screenshots without allowing access to photos. 
2) Allowing access to microphone 
- Unable to chat or record without allowing access to the microphone. 
*Services outside the features relating to these permissions will still be provided even if the user does not allow access to the photo/microphone apps. 
* How to revoke access per app 
Setting > Battlegrounds > Switch Microphone Off 
Setting > Battlegrounds > Switch Photos Off 
* How to revoke access per feature 
Setting > Privacy> Microphone > Switch off Battlegrounds 
Setting > Privacy> Photos > Switch off Battlegrounds 
* Services outside the features relating to these permissions will still be provided even if the user does not allow access to the photo/microphone apps

Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.95GB
  • Current Version : 0.13.0
  • Update Time :
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