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Ink, Mountains and Mystery is the second stylized indie game developed by the same minds behind The Beautiful Dream from NetEase Games. Using multi-layered, hand-painted 3D models and a unique rendering technology thanks to the self-developed NeoX engine, this game represents a unique artistic conception filled with gorgeous colors and great rolling landscapes.

Ink, Mountains and Mystery has turned the aesthetic of two-dimensional paintings into spanning three-dimensional worlds. By using the classical horizontal scroll view together with a free-look view, players are led into wondrous scroll paintings of charming landscapes and will even enter the world of the Song Dynasty classic, A Thousand Li of Rivers. Prepare to experience the charm of ancient traditional cultures by exploring the brilliance of these classic works.

It represents the artistic conceptions and beauty of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, often characterized by the prominence of blue and green colors. Prepare to enter this charming landscape and immerse yourself in a world full of wonder. Let the impressive painting style, intriguing tales, diverse personalities and moving music guide you on your fantastic journey through the unknown.

Based on classic stories and tales from masterworks, A Chinese Bestiary, Flowers in the Mirror and more, this game contains many striking and touching tales. Follow the adventures of two unlikely protagonists as they explore different works and form bonds with all manner of characters. Let the impressive painting style, intriguing tales, diverse personalities and moving music guide you on your fantastic journey through the paintings.


Enter the Canvas: Explore classical works marked by vivid and delicate strokes.

Landscapes of Love: Unique picturesque Oriental experience.

Heavenly Creations: Collect items and reveal the mysteries of the paintings.

Ink Enigmas: Solve enchanting puzzles.

Immersive Experience: Clear your heart and enjoy this captivating world.

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Official WeChat: 网易绘真妙笔千山 (miaobiqianshan)

Official Weibo: @绘真妙笔千山

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  • File Size : 777.21MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.2
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  • Developer: 网易游戏
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    《繪真·妙筆千山》今日安卓首發 妙筆陪你回家過年

    網易開年臻美之作《繪真·妙筆千山》今日安卓重磅首發,攜手故宮博物院再現傳世名畫《千里江山圖》,共傳國風瑰寶,同承匠心獨具。一年一度的新春佳節即將來臨,回家路上,妙筆與你暖心相隨。登陸官網,下載遊戲,開啓新年之旅! 時光荏苒,距離《繪真·妙筆千山》與玩家正式見面已經一個月了,從遊戲測試以來到現在,得到了衆多玩家的關注與支持,《繪真·妙筆千山》也在極力爲玩家營造一個

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    English version?

    Can you please provide us english version?

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    [리뷰]신화를 플레이로 그려내다, 회진 묘필천산

    우리들에게 익숙한 비익조에서부터 삼해경의 이름을 알 수 없었던 고대의 신들까지. 중국의 신화를 거창하고 커다란 이야기들을 여행하듯 잔잔하게 풀어낸 회진 묘필천산. 사실 처음에는 주위 동료들이 하도 추천하기에 다운로드해본 게임입니다. 처음에 그저 밋밋한 아이콘 화면을 보고 왜 이렇게 다들 추천하는지 이해할 수 없었는데 웬걸.다운로드를 완료하고 게임을 켜자마





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