TapTap Game Awards 2019

TapTap integrates the quality of the game, the game performance on the platform, and the judges' nominations to the finalists for each year. The 2019's list consists of seven professional awards and two players' awards. Player Awards "The Most Popular Game of the Year " and "The Most Expected Game of the Year" will be voted by players worldwide.

  • Award "TapTap Best Game 2019", "TapTap Most Influential China-developed Game 2019", "TapTap Gamer's Choice 2019". You must not miss this strategy mobile game in this year.

  • Award "TapTap Best Gameplay 2019", single-finger control, giving you a rouguelike gaming experience that fits your phone perfectly.

  • Award "TapTap Best Music 2019", "TapTap Best Visual Art 2019", learn to look at her world from different angles, and discover new paths.

  • Award "TapTap Best Narrative 2019". Choose your stories under hundreds of life and death! Can you keep the top secret on the invisible battlefield?

  • Award "TapTap Best Indie Game 2019". Jenova Chen's new masterpiece, takes 7 years to create. A warm journey begin, just to meet you at this moment!

  • Award "TapTap Most Anticipated Game 2019", the most popular MOBA game in the world, welcome to League of Legends, it's time to show the real skills!

  • One game featured globally each day and an active community with discussions.

  • Includes official packages, no joint operations, in order to support official Android games.

  • Promotes authentic ratings and reviews where the charts are based on real player feedback.

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