NetEase 520 New Games Conference

The NetEase 520 New Games Conference officially announced a number of upcoming new games. Multiple high-quality and anticipated games have never been revealed before and ready to go. Which games are you looking forward to?

  • Reality or dream, start your different adventures around interlaced multiple time and space.

  • In the future city of cyberpunk, you will act as bounty hunters, wandering among major cities and strengthening your office to become a legend!

  • Take an adventure in the open world of Scandinavian mythology and jointly guard your homeland.

  • When monster idols come to the starlight city, what kind of emotion will be generated with the onmyoji?

  • Fly, spin, jump, show your racing stunts, and traverse through the live racing track.

  • Human civilization has fallen and AI is in charge of the world. Thirteen different personalities, how will humans of different professions save this world?

  • Travel through history, restore cultural relics, and fight alongside historical celebrities in a beautiful ancient land.

  • Archaic Fantasy x Cyberpunk, in this world full of bugs, the one you acting is yourself.

  • An otome game,in which you will traverse the real and magical world, manipulating painting spirits to fight for destiny.

  • The classics are transformed into human beings, fantasizing card strategy, showing the charm of culture.

  • Famous IP launch mobile game again, taking you into this fantasy fairy world from the east.

  • Subverting traditional fairy tale, find the misty and perilous truth hidden behind beautiful fairy tale world.

  • Loyal to the original, creating a new country style mobile game at the first sight.

  • One game featured globally each day and an active community with discussions.

  • Includes official packages, no joint operations, in order to support official Android games.

  • Promotes authentic ratings and reviews where the charts are based on real player feedback.

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