Let's take a random adventure

In the world of rogue-like game, you never know what novel experience is coming next.

  • In "Juicy Realm", fruits are your enemies, with delicate art style and thrilling action shooting experience, you will bash all the fruits in front of you and each trial is a different adventure with hundreds of weapon and skills.

  • Ending Days is Rogue like RPG, to make a party with 2 characters and defeat the "Satan". But once defeating the Satan is not the end, repeating with "Ending 100 days" to save the world again and again, everytime adventure is different.

  • A roguelike card game that’s simple yet incredibly complex: Use a variety of equipment and skill combos to defeat the vile creatures lurking along the endless road. Each fork in the road will test your decision-making abilities on this twisted, immersive journey.

  • It's a classic arcade shooter with rogue-lite tossed in. Tons of monsters are on the attack - can you survive if you ware unable to move?

  • In "Typoman", you will slip into the role of a character made of letters, craft words which will have an unknown effect on the environment, which can be blessing, or cursed with the unknown ahead.

  • "Dark Dungeon Survival -Lophis Fate Card Roguelike" is a Card RPG. Make your selection from numerous unknown events, in combination with the rogue-like card gameplay, each choice will determine a different outcome, together to complete the thrilling journey!

  • NetHack the dungeon exploration game, which is a distant descendent of Rogue and Hack, characters die in the adventure and simply disappear, but the new character can see the corpse or trace of the previous character, the true hardcore and everything is random in the adventure.

  • This is a minimalist RPG game, you will experience the not only the classic RPG games, and the stimulation of strategic and roguelike dungeon-style by completing rooms by rooms with unknown till the final boss.

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