Featured Games in May

Let's see what games will wake you up in this sleepy May!! Note: All date are expected release date, real time may vary according to the official.

  • Release on May 14 (iOS & Android) || World's popular martial arts MMORPG as a PC title back in 2012. Powered by Unreal Engine, you will experience a cinematic open world with thrilling combo gaming experience

  • Tap Exclusive Release on May 8 (Android) || A unique puzzle game that you will play in a strange mansion where made up by a number of movable sliding rooms. While finding clues, you must move the room and use items to find the exit, making the game more unique and interesting.

  • Tap Exclusive Release on May 19 (Android) || "The Farm" is a management simulation-based game, the game features the classic pixel style, experience country life and reminisce in which you will harvest a variety of crops, be friend with charming villagers, fishing and more minigames.

  • Tap Exclusive Release on May 14 (Android) || A crime-interactive game about a brutal murder mystery. The game includes live-action shooting in cinematic style. Challenge your decision-making ability, choose your own way to solve the crime, and find out who is behind the scenes.

  • Release on May 4 (iOS & Android) || Up to ten operable characters, hundreds of special weapon and items, with roguelike-based levels, treasures, and enemies, "Juicy Realm" will give you an exciting dungeon play experience

  • Release on May 7 (iOS & Android) || Sonic at the Olympic Games, is a mobile game made to promote Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo with a variety of sports from Olympic as games. The game is set to be released on iOS and Android devices

  • Release on May 27 (iOS & Android) || This mobile game is an adaptation based on one of Tencent’s manga IPs, The Outcast. You will follow the original storyline when play as the main character who specializes in martial arts with thrilling action combo styles and animation effects

  • Tap Exclusive Release on May 20 (Android) || In this fantasy adventure game with the background set in the far future, you decide the rise and fall of the entire civilization, make your own development decision, and construct an orbital ring that will envelop an entire planet to consume the planet's mass.

  • Release on May 13 (iOS & Android) || This is the CN version of Chess Rush. 15-minute match in one game, innovative 4 vs 4 team cooperation mode, makes you experience a unique style auto chess

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