Featured Games (5.25 ~ 5.31)

The last carnival in May

  • 【Release on May 27 (iOS & Android) 】Acting as the protagonist who specializes in martial arts with thrilling action combo styles and animation effects, to experience the original storyline.

  • 【Tap Exclusive Release on May 29】A crime-interactive game about a brutal murder mystery. The game includes live-action shooting in cinematic style. Challenge your decision-making ability, choose your own way to solve the crime, and find out who is behind the scenes.

  • 【Release on May 28(iOS & Android)】The grand adventure to search for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon!

  • 【Release on May 28 (iOS & Android) 】Cthulhu theme AVG, a glimpse of the undercurrent hidden in the city.

  • 【Release on May 27(iOS & Android) 】Let's shine even more like an idol while supporting the members who are full of individuality as a teacher of the school you can rely on at times!

  • 【Release on May 28 (Android) 】Gesture sliding to repair items, your craft will affect the direction of the story.

  • 【Release on May 28 (iOS & Android) 】A bloody Japanese adventure game combined with relaxed idle combat elements , experience life in a new and exotic world.

  • 【Release on May 28 (iOS & Android) 】Touch cats online! Challenge the synthetic gameplay with cats and cater to the perfect drink for customers!

  • 【Release on May 29 (iOS & Android) 】Together with the popular Disney protagonists, explore the colorful Tsum Tsum Kingdom, fight the Tsum Tsum villains, and build a prosperous home for Tsum Tsum.

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