Garena Speed Drifters

Garena Speed Drifters

8.2 score

Speed Drifters: Drift on the go! Drift your way to...

Useless chatbox before and after game (closes after a few seconds right befoore you type anything , it's an irritating and useless feature, remove it). No match history for the Super Speed Race which leads to no proof of cheaters where there are so many of them(cheating detection fail). Very small chances on getting good items. Lags and disconnects. Most likely, PAY TO WIN, you need to buy a really good car and pay for it using a great amount of money. Most of their events require diamonds. M2M

This game is a good racing game but requires grinding. You can get free B car class from daily log in(in certain event), if you want to have an A Car, you have to: -Purchase Premium Speed Pass This is the best method to spend your money, but you have to reach 150 to earn permanent A Car(The task is easy tho). -Workshop event There are 2 types of workshops, orange battery workshop (which is require diamonds) and purple workshop (just need to spend voucher, F2P version). -Buy box Not recommended

Fun to play with your friend. But if you want to be competitive, good cars and pets are guarded by a massive paywall. Also as you climb higher into the ranking system, people start to crash and push each other and it's ridiculous how there's no support for this. At least make everyone invincible for the first 3 seconds as that's the most important part of the race. #gamehoy


  • Valentine

    Why did you rate the game 4* as GAMEHOY.COM and 1* as Jude Vincent Castillo?

    I'll let you in on a secret. Developers tend to discard 1* reviews where people are b****ing because it sounds like an attempt to lash out, rather than an honest opinion about the overall quality.

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