Sword Master Story

Sword Master Story

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Character collection action RPG! You, the only Swo...



Hardcore Gamer

This game is so incredibly corny that it is almost perfect. I have no idea why there is an auto button when the game seems to be automated, but I am sure it will make more sense when I unlock it.

The game is an interesting combination of the sprites that littered every amateur website, Live2D models from a game that almost had a mature rating, and the buttons you find in Candy Crush or any other mobile games for kids. Somehow, despite feeling so random, they come together in a way that makes the game both modern and retro.

I have no idea how the mechanics actually work, but they are interesting to watch. Clicking auto says I need to reach level 10, but I have yet to actually trigger an attack on my own. Somehow, this seems like an idle game. I'm not sure if that was the intention, but it is the one thing keeping it from being a two-star RPG.

When considered an idle game, it is one of the better titles in the genre. It is not overcrowded or so active that you don't even know what is happening. It is the ideal balance of clicking and watching. It will be very disappointing to hear this was meant to be a serious RPG. Fortunately, I don't speak Korean well enough for that.


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