Blade of Vengers

Blade of Vengers

6.0 score

同名动画改编正版手游「斩兽之刃」! 为了让光明照亮永冬大地,秘密小队「斩兽之刃」不知疲倦地奔走,却意...



Hardcore Gamer

This game does not provide any English text. It is entirely in Chinese. Before you ask, there are no options to change the language. That said, you will be fine. It is easy to follow and the tutorials are just as detailed as the game itself.

I have been looking forward to this release since the first beta. If you enjoyed Last Crown until you realized it was fully automated, you will love this game. The graphics are the perfect style for the desired theme, the music fits the game well, and the mechanics are both simple and challenging.

I could not give a perfect score for the lack of WiFi compatibility and how little support there is for resuming a level. While I understand that a part of the stage rewards are temporary, not having WiFi support means playing on a phone is expected. Phones are not gaming devices and are used for calls or text messages that interrupt the game and can result in repeating entire levels for one missed stage.

It is not the most advanced, realistic, or even most original title. What makes it so good is how well each and every aspect of the game was designed to create a complete package. Any game can get one or two things right. It is hard to find anything in the design of this game that wasn't done right.

The game combines card battle with board game, but never feels like it settled for competing with the cardboard counterpart. It could easily give VGAME a run for its money. I am still just as impressed as the first time I saw my character and those giant glowing ears walk onto the battlefield.


  • Charlex Le'gran

    Bruh recommend me all the existing ARPGS. Counterparts of HI3 and PUNISHING GR... Mmm.. GUARDIAN Girls kinda. All of them. Please

  • Valentine




    ║║██░░░░░Battery Low ░░░░░ ─║║║




  • Charlex Le'gran

    Bruh. Charge yo battery then tell me

  • Valentine

    Can you list some examples?

  • Charlex Le'gran

    Honkai Impact 3rd. Punishing Grey Raven. Ace Censor. Guilty Crown. Rose Snow. Closer Mobile. Naruto Slugfest. Bleach mobile 3D. Aurora 7. Xuan Yuan. Guardian Girls.

    Annnnd that's all.

    Any other you know?

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