Ragnarok Tactics:Legendary War

Ragnarok Tactics:Legendary War

6.6 score

A new chapter of battle has begun… Ragnarok Tactic...



Hardcore Gamer

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy TV ad... Do you like Rangarok? Do you wish for more than playing as one of the humans? Are you tired of wandering from one side of the map to the other before you attack something? Then this is the Ragnarok for you!

This is Ragnarok abridged. The cost of dropping a lot of the open world is that the game loses some of the effect created by the small scale and large world. In exchange for feeling less detailed, you are no longer spending half of the game just walking.

Battles use the rock-paper-scissors replacement for elements and have you set up a strategy that can then be played out automatically. While there is little interaction required to battle, the strategy is left to the player. The game really is all about the tactics.

It is hard to say anything negative about a game that delivers on what it promises. For anyone else that likes Ragnarok in short bursts, this is a good fit.



  • Selli°moemoe

    is this game just released today as final beta /obt? i just happened to saw the game from youtube . and luckily to find you in here too haha

  • Valentine

    It released in a few countries.

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