7.8 score

"RAGNANIA" version 2.0 sincerely launched! The epi...

Nice game.

First of all i want to say that this game requires a device that can sustain high graphics in order to be played properly.It annoyes me when ppl rate a game badly because of the lag only.

Second of all,i think this is the first rpg/mmorpg android game I've played so far in which i can jump haha,and if you compare it with honkai impact, i just want to say that honkai is a 3yrs old game(or so?)with multiple servers and,of course,developed by more experienced people.This game is,however,fairly new.

Anyway,in my opinion,the most unique features of this game are pvp and stamina~So you can't say that ragnania doesnt come with new things,so to say.Tbh i'm looking forward to the future updates and it breaks my heart when i see the overall rating of the game on TapTap and the comments that caused it.

Although i'm not a big fan of the graphics,it doesnt stop me from playing it.Ah,and about the aiming and stuff,i think its alright,improvements can be made of course,but if you play several stages,for like 20 mins at most,you get used to it.I've also saw some characters that are inspired from other games,like Kritika.Do you remember the cat girl?There's one in the game very,very similar to her haha.I personally love her skills,which makes it fun for me to play.

If there's something i cant get used to,its the lack of rewards(?)and the mission section design.

And the Auto Play feature?Eh,it sucks,as expected.You're most likely gonna get killed in no time if you use it.It's only there for farming purposes.Epic Seven players literally begged for an auto play feature that lets the same stage be done several times while they're away.

All in all,try the game for youself.If you arent a fan of the graphics(which can be improved easily)or anything that doesnt suit your tastes,dont leave a bad review only because of it.Remember,this is a new game.Try to give it time,like me(i didnt like the game that much at first as well).

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