EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes

7.5 score

EVE Echoes is a next-gen mobile spaceship MMO game...

Just few minutes in game and it gave me anxiety already. The game is not optimize, the touch is off set and tutorial is garbage. It took me 15mins to find a ship that is different model in the market. After buying it, it doesn't want me to board/use it. Abandon the quest and it can't be accepted again. That is the problem of all the players, raging about how sh*tty it is.


  • Liangzx

    all ship has requirement, you must fulfill the req to board that ship, also you can re-accept the mission after you abandon it, its on the menu

  • Mionez Rustom

    this is only beta not official

  • User1584076

    I know the requirements. I play eve online, vendetta and second galaxy.

  • User1584076

    Do you think idk that? Im stating what I experience in game so that for those people who what to try at least know what to expect.

  • Liangzx

    if you knew theres requirement and fulfilled them, you should've able to board to it.

    i've tried change ship many times and never fail, it just lags alot so need to wait for it to board.

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