Source Contract

Source Contract

8.2 score

“这片被称作永恒大陆的土地” “曾经作为神之居所,而人类作为神之造物” “获得了使用魔法的权利,但人...

okay this like Honkai Impact buuuut here are the drawbacks

lack of sound . kinda boring that the hero won't talk during battle like it should in ACGNs

then...u have the combat system

only one character u can use in the battle . the other equipped will only assist via their ultimate so. only one central character

then , since you don't speak Chinese at some point you won't be able to figure out why you're not getting all three stars .

but the size is small and they giving 6K diamonds (3 X 10 gacha pull in first 10 minutes of playing)

this is an average acgn but better than V game in free to win friendly

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