MINImax Tinyverse for Tap

MINImax Tinyverse for Tap

7.8 score

Lead your favorite Champion to victory! In this fa...

I thought I got stuck at loading screen, but I waited and I finally can login!

few normal matches in, I really love the gameplay! so many troops, so many spells, so many strategies to go with :)

I don't see any lagging at all, the only downside is everything looks so small, like font and some buttons but that's okay..

There's a battle pass too, character customization even if parts are obtainable via chest lol, quests and achievements..

and about chests... every win got you like 3 tickets, biggest chest is 18 tickets so it's kinda easy to get

Good job dev :D


  • Ranattachi

    i even wanting its become more tiny so i can see it from higher angle.. since some player love to play RAT GAMING

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