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MINImax Tinyverse

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it's a great game im enjoying it but some random times when im going for a batlle it says that I need to connect to the internet I just played 6 games now but the 7th one just says there is an internet connection problem I've restarted many times but it still says the same problem

*(edited) I've just read your feedback to the other Maxes, 😂 thanks for being busy for the servers. I was aiming to be lvl 10 because our Mid Term Exam 😂so Keep up the good work it's a great game

I'm amazed by how open you are for the community luv it 😍


  • Official response

    MINImax Team

    Thank you for your feedback ❤️

    Sorry for the inconvenience, we are aware of the server issue and we are trying our best to solve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, try to restart your client if you get an error message.

    And, good luck with your exams!

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