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MINImax Tinyverse

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Lead your favorite Champion to victory! In this fa...

Translator Wasakeene here!

I have seen many differences in the game here

Ex: moles, introducing fragments, new miracle sprites

Miracles order function like clash royale .🤔

Sprites have changed to have the creaea and alliai feel. The Moles are gone😢 + faster ration production rates.

I believe that this game had potential at the start and it could be developed further++++. Just the idea of this game is very creative and fun.

+the community and CMs are very friendly💗💗💗

Ps: I want tournaments on mobileeeee!!!!


  • Official response

    MINImax Team

    Hello Wasakeene,

    Thank you for your review!

    If you miss the mole, we are thinking about bring it back later, maybe in a different game mode?? We are discussing about that.

    We will have tournaments starting on February, so do not miss your chance to participate in them


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