8.2 score

“Kick-Flight” brings you a new mobile experience o...

Great start, nice tutorials, nice gacha rate (both for skills and characters)

Controls can be polished a bit

So, battle is pretty quick, you collect crystals, store them on your collector orb, fight opposing team so they can't get crystals

There are many kinds of skills you can equip, from attack to healing, highest rare skill is UR I think

Every characters has their own unique skill, so you can try and find your fave character to play


  • User2555298

    i love ti😁

  • Shino901

    Will give it a try, thanks for reviewing it.

  • aimiticantmommy

    control are to hard Right Left Up Down flying+run+shooting+skills+walk+aims... and more like imposable likely to be r/r🤖 bots play wishes is a you lose beuase you a bot, Game Great...

    💫 it heart my brain playing it💥likea bomBom?

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