8.5 score

"After the Gods disappeared, a world of darkness w...

Beautiful music, fantastic scenery.

A character that is drawn to detail and moves around.And battle system that included real-time strategy elements...

There are many points to evaluate this game.

Especially, I feel strongly about music.I was surprised that there were different theme songs for all of the playable characters.

The method of obtaining a character can be made by making a contract with an arbitrary character in the inn, visiting time, and raising intimacy.Luck is not necessary there.

However, even if a character is acquired, it is not possible to demonstrate the value without the exclusive weapon, and the enormous funds and the material are necessary for the training.

A player who likes to grow up a favorite character rather than a player who likes to grow all characters is more suitable for the game.

It is a game well done overall, but there are some problems.

When the number of enemies increases, the screen becomes confused.The skill is improved by turning off the effects, but the beautiful graphics seem uncanny...But you don't have to reduce graphic levels if you're looking at auto play.

Next, you need to walk around each field in the main story, but this is a little bit wrong.First of all, it is fun, but gradually I feel like I'm just wasted.It takes time to clear the battle, so the game's tempo seems worse.

But this game has enough charm to counter them.You can change the operation character during the battle, so you become a knight to defend your opponent on the front line, or become a sniper for the enemy. Different players can enjoy different ways.

If you are interested, play is a game without loss.

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