Shining Beyond

Shining Beyond

7.5 score

From the creators of the hit mobile RPG ‘Valiant F...

Art : the art in this game it is not great or bad either I can say, it is acceptable in a way and not in other way well it could be worst it could be better.

Gameplay: Hmmm, same like the other titles dose not offer you a certain strategy on the field or It is only me, most of it it's auto, and yeah you can unlock certain strategy types by the time you advance ( strategy field squares) . The Gatcha system(*_*), normally I am not into that style honestly but in this days this is something that majority of the titles have with few exceptions only.

Skills/Casting : Here I will talk about camera angles skills and more: Normally for those with a deaply love of anime characters, they love to see his favourite hero castig his awesome skill, and I am one of the examples here, some heroes cast skills and you can not see a damn what they are doing...or understanding what it is all about because also maybe you are playing on auto, so yeah you got the point.

Stability: It needs some improvements as well on this part, sometimes the gameplay is kinda blurry and also the camera angles dose not focus so well on action it feels like it is left in space. 😒

General: Same like any other titles system nothing new in any case, but still it is fun to play, I will wait the final version of it.


  • TUTUer

    valuable review!!!This game is still in testing, and your review can help the devs make it better! waiting for the release time and a wonderful game~❤️

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