EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes

6.9 score

A new immersive space sandbox MMO, bring...



Hardcore Gamer

This is not my type of game, but it is still one of the most beautiful games I have played. Perhaps the most impressive feature was one I stumbled onto by mistake. The popups, which are convenient if you are only doing that task, can also be moved around for when you are doing something else.

The tutorial is extremely thorough. It explains each step with an animated walkthrough that does not take control or block out the remaining UI. Blocking out the UI makes things easier to see, but also makes them easier to forget. This tutorial was handled extremely well all around.

The graphics are impressive without feeling like they cause any lag. Everything is optimized effectively. Even the biggest hiccups are handled well to avoid losing any of the effect. The transition from recorded animation to dynamic content is seamless and makes it almost impossible to tell them apart.

The controls feel complex, but are fit into the UI in a way that leaves plenty of room for action. All of the menus and UI components are crisp and have animations that make them look modern. The mechanics are easy enough to understand with little explanation, but the game has a lot of depth.

I am usually somewhat harsh on games that try to "phone it in" on one feature to focus on another. This game appears to have focused on making every single component as perfect as possible.