EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes

7.1 score

A new immersive space sandbox MMO, bring...

EDIT after played this for 1 day :


Pros :

-great concept

-good graphics

-beautiful map

-i really like the battle system

-ship modify looks ok to me


Cons :

-most complicated mmo i've ever played

-lag af

-the map is so huge that makes 90% of the time of the play is warping and jumping, and thats makes me bored


Conclusion :

reduced to 3*, still recommended for mmo players who havent play space mmo, its new experience of mmo


  • Valentine

    The lag is because this is NOT an SEA OBT. It's based in the US.

  • Liangzx

    ahh i see, i thought its global since theres no region tag on it

  • Vpn Character

    nah its a big game and it requires a good performance phone for it + it would lagg his internet im not saying bad optimization its just that this game is so big that it does and most probably have to lagg( not internet lagg)

  • Valentine

    Installed size and performance are not directly related, unless there is no free space available. The phone listed on the review has much higher specs than the one I used without any lag.

    The servers are based in the US, which is typically slow for SEA players.

  • Vpn Character

    lol im in sea with no internet lagg my net must be fire :P