Wasteland Lords

Wasteland Lords

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Arrogance comes from the cities; wisdom ...



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hmmm typical build and conquer game, i think i have seen some similar games like this , so im pretty sure you guys are the same.

i dont think these game would involved deep strategy, as for me .. actually this is just a war between which one have better resources (and these resources could be easily gained from real money 'pay-to-instant') . maybe little bit special case in politics wise but i havent reach that point yet (yknow something like alliance in world map). tho personally i felt its not gonna be as great as in "advance colony conflict" game.

from graphics wise is not bad tho not very clean or 'hd' stuff , something like that. as for the gameplay .. well lot things to do daily .. make new building , upgrade them , conquer /raiding some places or doing some-many stuff , features inside the game .. in short what you do here is pretty much similar like playing clash of clans (up stuff, collect stuff , doing stuff 😆) *note stuff i mean is "things"!!

the game have decent story , its has cinematic clips which ia great . its just during the early game they throw you with so many features LOL, so if you dont familiar with this game /genre this might lead you to confuse as for what to do inside the game. so i did suggest you to test the game yourself.

additional note :

size : 235 mb (small , pretty decent for potato phone) , support english , i dont think its require *** (at least for me ,SEA region) , theres a gacha system (materials, resources, heroes).


  • Ranattachiiiiii

    after reading reviews , now i know that these typical games called or tagged as "SLG" HAHA