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I can not login with Google. only option is guest as there's no Facebook. I sometimes have weird issues where I can not use Google to login to games. So usually just choose Facebook.

will there be a fix for the Google logins?


  • Official Response

    MINImax Team

    For the game you can currently log in using your Play Store account, iOS Game Center or on Steam.

    The game right now might experience some issues related to server that we are trying to fix as soon as we can.

    I hope you can enjoy the game soon with a normal account.

    And please remember that the progress in a guest account does not get saved, so please try to log in with another account.

  • DadiJ85

    Hello thank you for the reply. Where do I go for troubleshooting? when I log into the game, it says it's connecting to play games. but then it asks me to choose my Google account. It doesn't auto login to my play games. After selecting my Google account, it then gets stuck in a loading loop. only way to move forward is to back out and select guest account.