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MINImax Tinyverse

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-1 from *4 after i clearly see how far the money could influence the battles. rmb this game have vast variety of combo (or metas), the fragments given to you is random.. so some build may strong into certain objective (healing / pusher /defensive /sneaky or whatever u may call it) . in this game u cant re-changing you deck once in battles ,so maybe your enemies have a hard counter for your build and now what happens once you meet this situation and the opponent have higher lv ? pay more than you did .. .?

*you throw everything you have but their troops still survive* *of course luck matters* but what if the RNG is not on you side

this is why i hate the way they limiting this wide variety of strategy into smaller margin just for the so-so called "mobile game"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

minimax is 1v1 pvp [battle royal or clash royal whatever] game . the game require both opponent to maximize the usefulness of spell combined with terrain/surrounding area and your troops lineup.


the core of this game is pretty generic which destroy enemy tower with your stuff but the fun things in here is.. the strategy you may comes up with, trying up to make the ideal & unbeatable combo.

if you nasty enough , dont you think its felt great when you outsmarted the opponent ?🙃


now .. sadly i must say there are some things that imho makes me feel dissatisfied (actually kinda more disappointed).

* the network ... errr too fragile ? its have tendency to saying i have no network when match making/ queuing take quite time / i cant find any button to logout (i only see bind&login but what todo when in guest account?) then when i tried to clear cache&data now i stuck in loading screen . speechless speeches speechless !!!!!

*the FRAGMENTS system is BúLL5H!T!

tbh i never ever like this fragments stuff combined with any strategy game .

the thing is mini max have troops , champion , spells , day&night buff , random item which its alone afy complex and making drain your brain. some peoples would say "then its a good thing" but for me "its freaking terrible" because it's make things become more imbalance (for example : you either have higher or lower lvl of troops / spell/champion)

*the map , wheres the map with mole and river in top&bottom side? the new map is ... so generic ! & too short . i only saw it from gameplay video and compared to this one i just think old map is better , more strategy ..

(now with fragments system i could say when its not a fight between veteran player , then its just a fight between some 1 have more resources VS some1 have lesser resources)

imbalance imbalance imbalance imbalance!!!

also why forcing a game must end within 7 mins ? the tower is so squishy imo


  • Official Response

    MINImax Team

    Hello Ranattachi,

    This is CM ColdIce.

    Thank you for sending us your feedback. We think that is a very important opinion with a lot of points that we will be reviewing to try to improve the fun in the game.

    We are aware of the server issues and we are currently working super busy trying to find a real solution by tomorrow. We hope to be able to fix it at some point in the next 48 hours.

    We made a lot of big changes to the game that we wanted to have to be more mobile friendly and to have fun in the game in a quick strategical way. The old map and other elements that existed in the game before might be brought back in the future in new modes or features, so we hope you can keep playing the game and experience the growth of the game from this new start.

    Thank you again!

  • Ranattachiiiiii

    stop making my post invisible :rwaaaaaar:

    hate hate hate hate dis system 😤

  • MINImax Team
    Official Response

    PS. What do you mean by the post being made invisible?

  • Ranattachiiiiii

    its TapTap system that making the review become invisible (cant be seen beside me). because it contain some sensitive words (last time the mod told me it hide my review due "h.u.n.t.e.r" word .. idk why but maybe it had something to do with translation)

  • Ranattachiiiiii

    well okey.. imo with things right now (maps, fragments system) its just felt .. way too straight forward ?. if the opponent is "less experienced" the game ended with one or two waves (i know this might wont be happened in ranked match , esp in high ranked) .

    so you know its ... errr kinda 'empty' for me ? (maybe not for everyone else , some may felt exciting , some may felt its too p2w. idk)

    for normal match i think its fine but if this mode also same for ranked match then i have no words to say anymore.

    i dont say its boring but i hoping it could be more than that (this is not mind games anymore but rather money / heavy grinding matters. i perfectly fine with it but i also consider this stuff for anyone else, not everyone have the time to play and grinding mayerials or willing to spend money ).