Blade&Soul Revolution

Blade&Soul Revolution

7.7 score

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Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki

Hardcore Gamer

➡️Blade and Soul ⬅️ Same experience or not...

Netmarble BS it has a large history, talking from the point of pc that is a beautiful masterpiece and offers a total new experience in the area of the MMORPG, well also this blade and soul of small devices it is not far away from that part either , but it is not ported so we knew that from the start . This might just be the title that will raise the bar on all Android games when it hits the Western markets. We’re talking “jaw-dropping, epic-feeling, so addictive people are playing it non-stop”-good. Something in the lines of the Opening of the Gates of Aahn’Qiraj, if you know what I mean .

➡️ Gameplay : Well there is no much difference here when we are talking about GamePlay nothing to be bad but also nothing extraordinary. As any other MMORPG's types uses a open world style and a large mass of skills composition and goes by main quest and side quests and dungeons.

➡️ Graphics: BDS use unreal engine as it's choice so you will need to max out all in order to enjoy a full experience of its beauty in matter of graphics. On this part I find it a little bit down , or I am kinda use with high or end graphics , who knows 🙄.

✨Most likely you will be fascinated or not about this title or maybe you will uninstall it after a while , well I did play it allot and also I have it on PC but there it is another experience, try it maybe you like maybe not✨

‼️Sorry if I am big chaser in the MMORPG area...but this title follows the same path as it is on pc...I don't wanna say much more about it.‼️


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