Blade&Soul Revolution

Blade&Soul Revolution

7.7 score

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◆ Visually quite pretty in Unreal 4

◆ Story is the same as PC

◆ Combat is bright and flashy

◆ Auto Play? (Pro & Con... Some people like Auto)

◆ Seems generous with giving items

◆ Fast to level

◆ Dungeons can be challenging.

◆ Has more story cinematics than PC


◇ NO GON FEMALE (Gon has 2 gender in PC)

◇ Missing a LOT of the base classes available on PC launch. No Summoner/Assassin/Blade Dancer

◇ Even with unreal engine 4 it still looks old? Probably due to it originally being on unreal 3

◇ Auto Play (Some people DON'T like auto play)

◇ Way to gain outfits is a pain in the a** compared to PC (You earn a lot from quest rewards on PC. On mobile it's majority to be crafted Even zone bosses dropped perma outfits on PC, not the case on mobile)

◇ Community from Day 1 has been toxic. My block list has many names.I hope block list has no limit. 😂

◇ No screenshot/hide UI option (If you're a screenshot person like me, this will bug you)

◇ No more JIGGLE PHYSICS. They removed the Jelly bobs physics that's present in the PC version 😂


Overall the games fun. I'm enjoying it but a lot of the things that are missing are annoying me. If you never played the PC version you won't know most of my comparisons and will probably enjoy it a lot more than me. But if you played the pc version expect to be disappointed in the lack of things I've mentioned. But if you don't care about the cons I've mentioned... you'll probably enjoy what's currently available.



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