Blade&Soul Revolution

Blade&Soul Revolution

7.7 score

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for pvp player 3/10

Gameplay : 3/10

skill has a long cd for pvp..

the animation is quite annoying.. and so stiff

graphic : 4/10

good atm but this is 2020 man..

for pve player 6/10

gameplay : 7/10

dodge is super bad.. short range but he boss has a huge range.. CD toooo ***in long..

graphic : same as above

note : pay2win and pvp not fun at all... u know all mmorpg are p2w but this game is superduperpay2win

"1 Hit Kill IS REAL"


  • Sephersen

    You playing the wrong game? Tell me one mobile mmorpg that can beat this game right now.

  • Fikri Kim

    Dragon Raja

  • Sephersen

    That game is trash everyone knows that

  • Amin Haikal


  • Sephersen

    BDM have no content, all you do is farm. Dungeons? Oh you have higher cp you can clear that easily. Only have to dodge in it nothing else. Pvp? Oh you spend money a lot nobody's gonna beat you. Its a boring game.

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