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Blade of God is an indie hardcore 3D action mobile...

EDIT: IT'S RELESES ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE NOW I MAKE THE DOWNLOAD, PROBABLY WE CAN BUY FULL GAME, SO GUYS TAKE THE GAME FROM PLAY STORE, FROM HERE IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BUY THROUGH GOOGLE PLAY,NO OTHER WAY I SEE TO PAY, SO GUYS IT'S A DEAD GAME IF U DON'T FIX........really great god of war gameplay inspiring this one, I see no Google Play support and no Bluetooth controller support, so I have to use my Apex gamepad with flydigi mapping apk, so gameplay is super, not easy, and grafics is great on my Tab s6, just gorgeous, I' curious how will buy the Whole game, for now i get back to kick some ass, πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€, I CAN CONFIRM, IT'S WORKING TO PAY ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE, THE GAME IS RELEASED ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE. πŸ‘


  • Mohit Kumar Nar

    I cant install it after downloading

  • Marius Popescu

    to bad, it's a great game, maybe your hardware what u have in ur fhone is not compatible, what gadget are u using

  • User927713

    same here, using Samsung galaxy s8+

  • Blade of God

    Hello, we are urgently repairing the problem of being unable to purchase. You can download and pay directly in the Google Store.

  • Narukami

    the minimum requirements are 4.1 and maximum are 9 (pie) also apk supports 32bit and 64bit device.

    better contact the dev and make sure they know their game has problems on some devices so they can release the fix version.

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