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Blade of God is an indie hardcore 3D action mobile...



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Hmmm...actually, having the menus remain only in Chinese IS a big problem, particularly with the skill trees. the icons aren't intuitive enough to figure out what they are, and what they do. Accumulating skill points slowly doesn't really allow for optimal character building in the play style of your choice. it makes being selective about your skill choices very difficult and certainly doesn't allow for spending your skill points wisely. I guess I'll have to pull out my camera translator app. Not an ideal sitch, but it mostly gets the job done. My critique to the devs would be that if you claim this is to be an English release yet keep the menus (which of course are super important) in Chinese, it's NOT an English release at all. I'm still enthusiastic about the game and will still buy the full version, but I have to admit that I'm more than a bit disappointed. Or, maybe we can get some of our Chinese speaking friends to create an English cheat sheet for the skill trees lol


what the hell is wrong with you guys? you're complaining over having to spend $4 for a game of this quality? Have you all lost your damn minds?? This is obviously a 2 mission demo for you to see if you want to play it or not. This is not unusual at all in the industry. You're upset about the $4 ticket? Great, go buy a similar game on the PS4 for $59.95. God forbid the devs get paid a lousy $4 for the work that went into this game. yah, I wish the full game were available right now, but i know it's coming and I'll wait without crying about having to support the dev team with a lousy $4. Jeeze ;(


yes. Yes. YES!!!! Love the comic book style graphics. LOVE the control. Movement is super fluid and precise and Chaos goes exactly where you need him to be. LOVE the dodge/evade skill. It actually works! The game starts out with a bang, you go up against Loki's skeletal protector, and it keeps the momentum going. Just finished the first campaign and now going up against the Colossus. it has elements of some of my all time favorite games such as God of War 1 and 2, Darkness Rises, and the highly underrated and overlooked Dante's Inferno. I need to go back in and take this Colossus out right NOW. Will return soon with a proper review. I have one minor gripe. although the voicing is in English, the menus are all in Chinese. dunno yet if this is going to be a problem. the purchase system seems to be up, I downloaded the first locked chapter and it took me directly to MyCard. I didn't make a purchase because it's all in Chinese and I didn't want to risk hitting the wrong buttons. Anyone who might be hesitant to grab this for any reason, SNAP OUT OF IT!! Go grab it now! I'm playing on my Galaxy S4 tab, and it's smooth as silk. More to come!!


  • Shariar Iqbal

    sry to say but not everyone is able to spend money on games,some ppl like free games,not everyone van afford a ps4 or xbox one,so ur comment has no value,ur thoughts r jus too un ethical....mayb ur too damn rich to pay for every single game,but jus remember not everyone is rich to spend money in games...some ppl like it free,cuz mayb they can't afford spending 4$ on a game...

    if its like that then devs should take out games for only ppl who can afford and not advertise it to everyone else....

    think what i said,and don't comment like a ***.

  • DemareoProGamer

    bro chill

  • VulgarisUSA

    sorry man. I call 'em as I see 'em.

  • Blade of God

    Thank you for your support of our game! We will optimize and update the game in the future to bring players a better game experience. Thank you again for loving our game!

  • Pepe D

    Those people want free only and yep ur right. Fkin sick type this people tho

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