Joyland:  Horror adventure quest

Joyland: Horror adventure quest

8.1 score

Welcome to Joyland! Join us in this first-person 3...

Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki

Hardcore Gamer

➡️Welcome To Joyalnd Botherlands➡️

👁️‍🗨️At a general point this game it has a unique aspect I mean it is FPS horror mixed with the authentic style of Botherlands (hope I write it it good ). It is a horror puzzle game that will captivate you with small details and lose your time into it to do not be caught by creatures , you are so called a little girl in the story and your brother is oke , I did play it full to write to you all the story and so on , but sounds really good and interesting also.

➡️ Gameplay: Horror type/Puzzle /FPS solving mystery and gathering items . In the main event you are a little girl who is in some kinda creepy world , when you start your story it also says that robot welcome to Joyland and then the real story begins .

➡️Graphics : Ok the texture type that it is used in this game it is close to Botherlands (hope it is the right word for it, never played it before , but after this game sure I will ) . For a horror type it has some mixed colours pretty funny in this aspect .

📌If you are a fun of puzzle games and FPS games combined with a horror platform I would recommend this one as well, pretty interesting 📌

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