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Blade of God is an indie hardcore 3D action mobile...

Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki

Hardcore Gamer

➡️Blade of Combined 3x⬅️

Greetings everyone, so Blade of God it is a RPG with a story that it is situated in time of Zeus , Hera, Loki, and all other Gods of the ancient Greece. The game has the composition to combine 3 different aspects of the 3 games that are a massive debut and also knows to keep his range not be copyright affected.

Blade of God it is massive success in mobile area by providing you experience like playing God of War, Assassin's Creed Origins and Devil may Cry. The beauty of the game stands in his story and the variety of you avoiding skills and puts you to fight legendary names that you will found it out in you journey in Hell...yeah kinda scary but not so, it is a video game after all.

➡️ Gameplay: Blade of God gameplay it is quite straight , and keeps the fantasy area of the ancient times in a captivating space by combining the story and action pretty good . RPG style with items and weapons that you will loot and you will em in your deadly journey in Hell...why the hell I am keep say it , have no idea , but it is what it is .

➡️Grapchis/Sound/Voice : As I am artist as well also I love to see the beauty of a game and I love well made composition in Grapchis . The game stands into this are at a note of 7 ( covering a huge blur that really dose no need it.) The sound and the voice acting are quite good but not formidable overall combined with the aspect will put you on that world .

➡️Extra : Why it is combined ‼️X3‼️?!. Here I am talking why it is combined X3 , as you will notice the criteria of collecting souls or what are they called comes from Devil May Cry. In Assassin's Creed we found most of the time that avoiding scheme when a enemy perform the action you can avoid it by a simple button or touch in this case . God of War fact comes with the assets of the story .

📌So if you are a fan of a RPG in the deepest history here it is a good title for you but nothing comes freely at all, maybe you want some customized Characters as well, there is a app market inside that you need to purchase if you so desperate to invest heavy in your look. The game it is captivating but it is not a masterpiece , also some weapons are on the market as well, so in my case not entire a pay 2 win , but it is in some ways . So if you want to rejoy once again God of War , Assassin's Creed and Devil may Cry action packed in one single platform here it is your title that will make you play it long time , sorry in my case I do only tests and I wipe em out 📌

👁️‍🗨️Take care be healthy stay safe👁️‍🗨️


  • Nghĩa Bùi

    Loki is a god in Ancient Greece.... well thats new

  • Byakuya Kuchiki

    Well it is a GOD in other way 🤣🤣🤣 I forgot about Loki home place it is hmmmm I just forgot the name


    Can you recommend me a masterpiece plz?

    Nice Review.

  • Joel ElDiablo

    Loki god of mischief original from Norse

  • VulgarisUSA

    Great review as always man :). I always really enjoy your points of view. You also left out Dante's Inferno (seems the whole gaming world did too lol) as a title from which this one drew some components. if you have an Xbox, i believe you can DL Dante's Inferno from the store for free. I HIGHLY recommend it, as a side note ;)

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