Blade & Soul: Revolution

Blade & Soul: Revolution

8.2 score

Blade & Soul: Revolution is a mobile MMORPG based ...


after played around 2 weeks i decided to write in detail


pros :

-good graphics using UE

-has BnS PC feel

-good event for newbies, you can get midrange equipment by clearing them and you will use the eq for long time

-friendly grinding system (can switch the screen to save battery, auto stop grind when you have no pots left or bag full)

-auto combat which is ok for me since the skill combos too long to play manually when grinding or questing

-just auto combat cant make you win, this is what i really like, on specific dungeon you cant just auto combat to clear it, you need to dodge properly and use knockback skill properly to win

-realtime and fully manual pvp


cons :

-no english language, even with google translate still confusing

-solo till the end? i played till lv 90 without party with anyone, and thats kinda boring

-almost no interactions needed with other players, even theres factions wars, you just go there and clear the objectives if possible, no talk needed

-i've joined a guild for a week, theres no guild activity at all, all i did just collect the guild rewards


conclusion : its almost like playing an idle game, uninstalled

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