Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

7.0 score




Hardcore Gamer

a horror game that features two teams : 4 survivors vs 1 killer and pit them in single map where survivors need to fix generators to power up the gates to lead them escape from the killer that chasing , hook them as for sacrifices.

now as the current beta and "especially" newbie or inexperienced player like me this is quite frustrating yet a fun game , there's little informations provided inside the game. from basic knowledge regarding the tools /skills is very lacking. theskills, its only shown once and i cant read / find the details again . the tools some have and some not , even it can lead to confusion (how we are gonna use it anyway?)

from my opinion no matter how many match i did its still not enough because it has some issues like :

(survivor) no communication method available atm

after death we cant spectating other player which i believe seeing how pro/experienced player doing may give a better an understanding of what need to done.

cmiiw the pattern to survive = total alive survivors + 1 generators , in the end some1 need sacrifice himself for the hatch is available in case killers guarding the last generators (also did we need key ?). so basically i felt the best things is spend a lot time to watch some guides first outside from the game . tho i haven't test the killer myself i think out from skills description its just a matter of accumulating experience from the game to become better hunters (well i heard some glitch about controls/sensivity , still nice to get 10+ points per match)

so yeah its not complete version ,just little gaming experience i would get for now excluding the horror & funny sense 👍

*i chuckled everytime i saw my teammates from afar exploding the generator then the experienced player immediately run hard 🤣

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