Craft Legend

Craft Legend

8.4 score

Craft Legend is a free-to-play 3D Sandbox RPG host...



TapTap Editor

Kinda like Terraria or Star Bound which I can dig, craft and explore the whole world in a 2D horizontal screen. Like to most sandbox game, there are different material blocks, there are day and night system, and enemies are different from day and night. There are treasures but dangerous dungeons underground, and you can also build your own castle by digging materials and keeping craft buildings.

What I really like this game, the whole game experience is great. Where you experience a prologue at start and then the tutorial begins, you can learn most about this game in tutorial although it is really long. Control optimization and graphic quality is great, no serious bugs during the first 1-2 hours gameplay.

The other feature of Craft Legend is that this game is an open-world game which you can play with others at all time, dig, craft and fight dungeons together.


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