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Latest official post English verison: Hi~ Special Forces! The teammate recall mode will be officially launched tomorrow! The little white dress is fasting and whip, to give everyone a new game!

In the teammate recall mode, even if your teammates are unfortunately in a box, you can also perform a big change by picking up the ID card in the teammate's box that was eliminated! As for the detailed operation, let's take a look at the gameplay analysis below with the little white dress~

Teammate recall mode

Opening time: August 8th at 10:00 am

Rainforest, four rows, can score!

The teammate recall mode is a new mode of the creative workshop. Currently, it only supports the four-row mode. Of course, the special forces can also choose whether to match the teammates. The key is that the teammate recall mode can also be divided!


At present, the teammate recall mode is only opened in the rainforest map based on the experience of the gun.

The map is small, and the rainforest map that is prone to gunfire can be said to be very suitable for this mode. Other maps may be opened later!


In the teammate recall mode, the most important thing is the identification card! In case your teammates are unfortunately in a box, don't panic! He can also save it!

Light speed goes to his material box, there will be an identification card in the box, set the automatic picking will pick up the first time, rest assured, the enemy will not appear when the search, the card!

After picking up the identification card, you will have the opportunity to recall your teammates who have been eliminated. [image]

▲Before picking up [picture]

▲After picking up

However, the ID card has a pick-up time limit. After being eliminated, it will start counting down for 120 seconds. You can see how much time is left next to the team name on the left.

If the ID card is picked up within a limited time, the teammate will become recallable. If the timeout does not pick up, the teammate will be eliminated! So if you want to recall your teammates, you should hurry up and pick up his box.

Communication tower can recall all teammates [image]

When the special forces pick up the ID card of the eliminated teammate, they can go to the communication tower marked on the map to recall.

There are 15 communication towers on the map, the location is fixed, you can first recite it!


A communication tower can only be used once, but all teammates can be recalled at one time. The used communication tower big map mark will turn gray, blue and purple smoke will be emitted near the communication tower. The communication tower will prompt the communication tower to be invalid. When you go, remember to confirm it at any time, otherwise it is easy to increase the risk of being eliminated! [image]

▲Used communication tower will take blue and purple smoke [image]

▲Used communication tower will show that it has expired

As a whole village hope, you must be careful not to be ambushed when you recall... Under the communication tower, there will be a recall UI, and everyone can click the recall button that appears on the screen.


The entire process takes 6 seconds and can be successfully recalled! My Hu Hansan is back!


▲The recalled teammates perspective

The recalled teammates will be re-airborne to the vicinity of the communication tower, but there is no equipment on the body, need to start from scratch, re-collect the materials... everyone remember to join the teammates as soon as possible, to avoid boxing again!


▲The recalled teammates perspective

Recalled the recalculation of the qualifying points [picture]

As we all know, after being eliminated, the game will settle the qualifying points. But in this mode, your game rankings may change due to being recalled by teammates!

After the change, the score will not start until all the battles are completed. [image]


In this mode, everyone's tactical choices are more free, even if the passion is just a box after the gun, you can rely on teammates recall to turn the points into points!

The little white skirt specially looked for 98K Daxie to ask for a version-related FAQ! If there is any problem, you can also leave a message, I will continue to ask 98K Daxie to ask!

First question

Can the same teammate be recalled multiple times?

is allowed. You only need to retrieve your teammate's ID card within the effective time, you can find a new communication tower to recall.

Question 2

Can the enemy take away our identity card?

No. The enemy can't see the identity card after we were eliminated.

Question 3

How long is the pickup limit for the ID card?

The special forces need to pick up the teammate's identification card within 120 seconds.

Question 4

If I smashed A's identification card, I was eliminated before A was recalled. Can A be recalled?

Yes. As long as A's ID card is picked up, A becomes ready to recall, and other teammates can recall A.

Question 5

Will the original equipment be retained after being recalled?

After being recalled, there is nothing but clothes, and the equipment needs to be re-collected from scratch. But the signal value and health value are full.

Question 6

Can I use a communication tower that someone else has used?

No. A communication tower can only be used once, no matter if it has been used by itself or used by others.

Question 7

How to tell if the communication tower has been used?

The large map mark of the used communication tower will turn gray, blue and purple smoke will be emitted near the used communication tower, and the communication tower will be used near the used communication tower to indicate that the communication tower has failed.

Question 8

Why did I get rid of it, but didn't settle my authority score immediately?

In the teammate recall mode, because the eliminated special forces may be recalled, which affects the personal ranking of this game, the change of points needs to wait until all players finish the battle before counting.

Question 9

If I pick up the ID cards of three teammates, can I recall them at the same time?

Yes, as long as you find an unused communication tower and all three teammates are in a state that can be recalled, they can be recalled at the same time as soon as they are recalled.

Question 10

If I recalled teammate A, he was retired and then eliminated. Can his identity card that was picked up before can be used again?

No, an ID card can only be used once. If a teammate is eliminated again, he needs to pick up his ID card to recall him.

I believe that in the teammate recall mode, various tactics will undergo earth-shaking changes.

For example, everyone will fill the gun as soon as possible, to avoid the box falling to the place where the other party is good, so that it will be picked up and escaped. At the same time, holding the box is also a very good choice. As the saying goes, it is better to lose a person than to search for a city.

What tactics will the special forces of the wit choose?

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