Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

7.0 score

More than ever, Death is not an escape. The popula...

I'd honestly recommend this game, I've been playing it for quite a long time now, very fun to play with your friend.

Just hope there no toxic player like PC version 😂.


  • Cerus Gaming

    a độ

  • Lyna

    you're right.

    Despite how good or bad the game itself may be, Dead by Daylight has THE MOST toxic playerbase of any game, hands down. By far. Hope Mobile ver will different

  • Độ Tộc✅

    I've spent a lot of time in this game (Like around 1000hr)- and I've enjoyed it to some extent, more-so at the beginning. It has a great concept. However, I've watched this game get worse and worse over the last year and a half. its devs continuously adding more bugs into this game while they're adding more money-grab content to PC ver, hope Mobile ver will better

  • Timor_God

    So did u play the mobile version?

  • Độ Tộc✅

    I have already played, but still too early to know if this game is really good or not, the game is still in beta test

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