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Ace Force

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The game also has several game modes and maps, add...



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There are a few things we need to establish before getting into the review. First is that I despise Fortnite for being a demo that invested little effort in finishing the game and the whole genre it fits into because it has built a community of hostile infants. The second is that I see Overwatch as the demo of a game that never planned to release, which is only fun for the first run or two with a new character and should never have been cloned. Now that we have established that, it seems like I should already hate this game. Something about the previews back in the first beta convinced me to play it anyway.

The characters have personalities that are not obtained through loot boxes. The controls are manual enough that you don't feel like the software is doing most of the work, but assisted enough that the mobile platform doesn't feel like a prison. The number of games with manual controls are few and far between, but the number of well-made ones can be like finding a $100 bill on the sidewalk.

The graphics are a perfect balance of realism and toon effects that make the levels feel complex and high-quality without the overhead of intricate models. Speaking of models, there are a decent number of characters. Usually this comes with a decent number of pay walls, but very few cannot be earned with some effort.

There are multiple modes, so you aren't stuck playing team deathmatch every round or forced to play whatever mode the game picked for you. There are also a number of missions and tutorials, so you aren't stuck trying to learn the game while being shot by friends.

This game is not my genre at all, but I cannot deny the quality. If the massive history of beta tests can say anything, it is that this game was developed to set the bar. Did I mention the background music is made up of actual songs you hear on the radio?


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