Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

7.1 score


The game is good, but a lot need to be added. First of all, the graphics just awful. Like, not all the futures of this game work with that. Also, when you get to level 50, it's your end. You don't have prestige option and you won't get any perks. A lot of things actually need to be added at the game. You can't chat after game, you can't use animations and so on. Btw, totems won't be ruined when you cleanse them, and it's so god damn distracting. Will wait for the next update!

edit: Now we can spectate others! And they added two playable characters. Yey yey! Will wait for the next update!

edit 2: I was glad too soon, because now my game won't work. It downloaded the update, but it stuck on the optimization screen (only 75% and then it crashes). This game was something special for me. I want an update ㅠㅠ


  • Mrskygaming

    update this pls

  • 手机用户1085629

    dude its a beta version what would u even expect the game is officially gonna release on november so u may have to wait until then so to get major updates for all of those options

  • LeeMon

    yeah, I know

    they already added some important features

    I really love the game, tho

  • LeeMon

    I did ☆

  • Mrskygaming

    thx I just asked to update when I heard the new update was released but not on tap tap

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