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Hardcore Gamer

The graphics are impressive, but they have to be with so little interaction. This game is one of many in a long list of beautiful, but otherwise boring, mobile games. You change some equipment, you check off some quests, and you more or less watch.

Why give it such a high rating? Fanservice. That's right. Now Tera Classic is not the only game to provide costumes that can barely pass for underwear. If you haven't already, go ahead and give that archer a spin. No, those aren't pants sticking out behind that loincloth.

Honestly, though, it seems like this is the best we are going to do for MMOs until developers realize that players are only settling for auto battle. Those that want self-played games are too busy with other things to play, but still want to progress. These are not the paying customers. As you might have guessed, they also see no reason to pay for something they barely even play.

This leaves us with graphics and general appeal. When comparing the half-dressed women in high resolution and guys with flashy outfits of this game to extravagant skill effects in a few other big titles, I can assure you underwear and style win every time.



  • Zain Hamid

    haven't played this game but see your comment have to give a like for your afford to write such a long comment so other can knew about the game xD

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