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[Another Eden X Persona 5: The Royal] ・Nov. 28, 20...



TapTap Editor

when the first time I download this game (JP ver) in 2017, I was deeply attracted at login page because of the background music. After I completed the tutorial (prologue) I felt this game was trying to tell me a story which was far bigger than I thought. Then I could not stop to play it bc I enjoyed the music, the animation, the characters with different side stories as well as the epic journey (main story). The story happened between different worlds where the main character Aldo was trying to save her younger sister. The story not just as easy as you think, you control him to travel through the past (ancient), present and the future world (future city) to meet different kinds of people. No doubt, this journey is full of epic.

The only very few things I wish this game could improve, that I know it is traditional JRPG which the storytelling is important, I wish the game add skip dialogue function which it takes a lot of time when you don't want to read it. The 10 draws price is really expensive but the chance of getting 4x, 4.5x & 5x is great, however AS characters only in 5x.

Auto battle is important as this game needs plenty of time to bush for materials and level


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